About me

Actually, I will let some of my clients tell you...... 


Gemma Gardner

CEO at HD Consultancy

October 8, 2018, Gemma was a client of Jordan’s

Jeannie Schofield

Business Development Manager. Best Installations, UK Energy Watch & SalesNet.

I approached Jordan when I came to the realisation that certain aspects of my life needed to change to enable me to grow both personally and in business. I had hit stale mate and I wasn’t sure how to progress and evolve. I have been on a few Rambling sessions with Jordan and they have helped me turn my life around in so many positive ways. I can see things clearer and can focus on life and business goals far better then before. I would whole heartedly recommend Jordan . His empathy and ability to enable you to look at things in a fresh and new way are amazing. Even though I have turned things around I plan to carry on seeing Jordan as the benefits of having a monthly session are vital for my own personal and business development.less

May 23, 2017, Jeannie was a client of yours
Andrea Mary Moore
Practice Manager at MJH Accountants

Jordan has a wealth of experience and experise, which, coupled with his natural ability and understanding make him an ideal person to be supportive, encouraging and motivating. I would recommend Jordan to anyone looking to improve themselves, their business, the way they perceive themselves and the way they interact with others. Any conversation with Jordan is a wise...more

November 2, 2016, Andrea Mary was with another company when working with Jordan at calmeryou
Anita Pickersgill MCICM
Recoveries Manager Kingsland Receivables Limited

Jordans' enthusiasm and desire to help others both on a personal level and commercial level is infectious and radiates outward as he talks. His life experience and professional knowledge enhance his natural ability to help you see things clearly without doing it for you, he helps you sew the seeds and then helps you nourish and grow.

He will bring out the best in you...more

June 12, 2016, Anita was Jordan's client
Jennifer Bottomley
Independent Consultant at Healthy Vegan Skincare

Jordan is a very motivational and inspirational mentor, he delivers clear passion and a great duty of care. In a short space of time we talked like we were old friends, I felt comfortable and confident in discussing any topic with him and I believe in his values: Inspiration, Motivation, Empowerment, Conviction, Achievement.

May 30, 2016, Jennifer was Jordan's client
We all have times in our lives where we feel lost or that things are getting out of control. You need to know that, in these times, there are things that can be done to help you get back on track. You just need to be shown how. Asking for help is not a failure, it is actually the bravest thing you may ever do. Offloading to me in confidence can have amazing results.
Administrator for the new beBee Lancashire Business hive.