Charities I am proud to support.

Honoured to be supporting Dawn Fidler and the incredible charity she founded and runs, The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity. They give hope and help to families and children with brain tumours and post surgery difficulties. Please check out the amazing web site by clicking the link above. Thank you. 

Moggies Cat Rescue.

Moggies cat rescue benefit from the calmeryou Monthly net work meet ups ( Rambler net).

These are free events that combine walking and Networking, with just a minimum of £ 2 donation to Moggies Cat Rescue. They are based in Darwen, Lancashire and the contact number is 01254 708 171.

The staff work tirelessly to rescue and rehome stray and unwanted cats, like Milly, pictured, who myself and my partner rescued.

Such a worthy cause close to my heart and I am proud to support them.