Training with a difference.

My Training and Workshops combine NLP proven methods and Anthropology to enhance the learning experience.

I believe that you can only be a contented Human Being , through awareness of how you got to this point in time and space.

Through an exciting and interactive learning experience, my mission is to empower every person who I train, to leave the room with a fresh understanding of  them selves and the infinite space around the fragile Earth we call home.


Training /Workshop Subjects.

Mental Health Awareness.
The aim of this Training is to empower everyone to be more aware of Mental Illness and how to effectively support individuals who may be affected.
1. What is Mental Illness.
2. What to look out for.
3. Effective support.
4. Maintaining a healthy mindset,
5. Prevention.
Health and Safety Mindset Awareness.
 The Workshop  enables attendees to manage their own Mindset more effectively through self awareness and knowledge. It also looks at the connection between Mental Health and Health and Safety in the work place.
1. How does  Mental Health affect Health and Safety in the work place ?
2. Mental Health Awareness.
3. Maintaining a healthy Mindset.
4. Prevention.
Discrimination and Inclusion.
This Training workshop explores social and workplace discrimination and inclusion. It empowers attendees to be more aware of their own thoughts and actions and how to help manage discrimination. A thought provoking and interactive event. Open to all groups and ages. A must for all progressive and forward thinking companies and organisations.
1. What is discrimination ?
2. Breaking down the barriers.
3. Managing inclusion.
4. The future.
Stress Management.
The object of this work shop is to highlight the causes, symptoms and explore the management of stress.
1. What is stress?
2. Knowing the signs.
3. Management.
4. Prevention.
Customer Relations.
1. Exploring the Human aspect of effective Customer Relations.
2. The Mindset of effective communication.
3. Dealing with conflict.
4. Customer retention.
Confidence and Self Esteem.
The object of this workshop is to identify, manage and prevent low self esteem and confidence.
1. What is confidence and self esteem.
2. Causes of low confidence and self esteem.
3. How to be more confident, assertive and increase self esteem levels.
4. Prevention and resilience.
Being Human.
This is an insight into the awareness of where we came from and how we are evolving.
1. The early days of Human Existence.
2. How are we evolving.
3. How does this awareness relate to the here and now?
4. How to use this awareness in the concept of a healthy Mindset.
Team Building.
This is a fully interactive workshop, exploring and nurturing the dymanics of Team Building.
1. What is team work.
2. What it is not.
3. How to be a better team.
4. Putting it all together.
The object of this workshop is to explore what makes a good leader and the Mindset involved in that role.
1. What is a leader.
2. What it is not.
3. Mindset of a good leader.
4. Staying there.
Holistic Wellbeing.
This workshop explores all the aspects of overall mind and body wellness.
1. A healthy body.
2. A healthy mind.
3. What can go wrong ?
4. Prevention.
5. Staying well.
The 12 Habits of High Achievers.
This workshop explores the habits that enable some people to achieve more then others.
1. The mindset of achievement.
2. Defining success.
3. The 12 habits you need to achieve.
4. Maintaining that success.
The 5 Pillars of Resilience.
1. What are they ?
2. Essential habits.
3. Putting it into practice.
4. Keeping it all together.
Coping with Brexit.
1. Exploring the Mental effects of political change.
2. Managing the anxiety and concern.
3. Looking to the future.
Climate Change Mindset.
1. An awareness of the effects of Climate Change on us all mentally.
2. Managing the stress and concern.
3. Exploring the future.
My Body, your Body.
1. An exploration of the mindset of Body Image.
2. How to be contended with who you are.
3. Maintaining a positive mind / body awareness.
All subjects can be designed to meet your own particular Company or group needs and underpin your Mission Statement and Ethos.

Explore, learn, evolve.

No 'death by powerpoint ' in these workshops. Fully interactive and memorable.

KTG Social Care 5 Pillars Work shop.

Had an amazing afternoon presenting the 5 Pillars of Resilience to KTG Social Care Staff in Preston, Lancashire.